Autumn Days CS6-CC Tested

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Autumn Days CS6-CC Tested

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Include 16 Beautiful Fall actions! Very easy to customize, and achieve a ton of looks from this set.

Here's what's in the set:

Apple Cider - Adds a Red Warm tones and a hint of Fall

Harvest Boldness - Adds a very beautiful Boldness to your fall colors

Autumn Day (Paint in) - Paint in a beautiful selective harvest tone over your photos.

Boost Fall - Boost all the fall colors in your image!

Old Fashion Fall - Gives it a down home look

Fall Conversion - Convert those greens to fall colors!

Muted Fall tone - Adds a Dusty Farm feel with light fall

Bolder Oranges - Paint in and enhance the orange tones in your photo.

Bolder Reds - Paint in and enhance the red tones in your photo.

Bolder Yellows - Paint in and enhance the Yellows tones in your photo.

Add depth - Adds a depth to your Mid and Dark Channels for richer color

Fall Light Overflow - Amazing Afternoon Light simulation

October Sunset - Adds a Warm tones to the sky portion of your photo

November Mist - Paint in mist for trees and grass!

November Fog - Add a foggy look to your photos with one click.

Light Swap - Add amazing light with the click of a button!

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