Bokeh Lovers 2 - A sequel to the first set because of the vast demand of more creamy and dreamy effects. We spent time creating something that ALL photographers can use! Add More bokeh to your image with these beautiful actions! Set comes with 8 amazing actions for CS6 - CC 14/15 Some work with CS5, and some don't so purchase at your own discretion. This is not compatible with Lightroom. A PSE Version (Altered slightly for 11-14 will be available at 4:00 EST PM 5/20/16. )

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Bokeh Lovers 2 - Photoshop Actions

Includes 7 Photoshop Actions for Professional or Beginner Photographers

Bokeh 1.0

Deep Depths

Muddy Bokeh

Dreamy Bokeh

Less Is More

Paint in Bokeh

Insane Bokeh - For Very shallow shots

Some actions will not work before CS6

All Photoshop Actions work with CS6- CC


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