How can I pay with PayPal?

Most of our items have a second add to cart button underneath the product on the product page. To use PayPal use the second "Add to cart" & "View Cart" buttons. Items paid by this method will be sent immediately. Please note: Paying with a PayPal E-Check will cause a 3-4 day delay on product link shipment because of PayPal confirmations. Digital Separates are not available with PayPal at this time.

Do these actions work with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Yes they do. All PS actions and LR presets have been tested and work fine with Adobe Creative cloud. You can get CC Photoshop and Lightroom here https://creative.adobe.com/plans/photography

Can I have a physical copy of my order mailed to me?

Yes you can! Visit http://www.kccactions.com/mail

Why do you charge $6 to have links resent after the 24 hours?

We charge the 6 fee as a backup fee. This fee is the same if you have had the files for 1 month or 1 year. We manually pull your account and make you new links. To avoid this fee please back up your files on a secure location or order a hard disk!

I downloaded the files but it won't let me load them

Once the files are download onto your computer. Navigate to the folder where you download them, and unzip them. You can do this by using free software for Mac or PC.

I have CC and it is getting errors when I run an action. Is this compatible?

Absolutely it is compatible! Please make sure you unzip the files, then install them as noted in the actions section. If you are still receiving this error make sure you have rebooted your computer as this is a know issue with CC 15.

I forgot or didn't apply a coupon to my order, can you refund me the difference?

Unfortunately we do not allow a coupon to be reimbursed after the sale has went through. Please make sure you are using the code during checkout. 

I tried to install the overlays but it doesn't recognize the file. 

Overlays, Digital Backgrounds and textures can NOT be installed. They should be unzipped into a folder. Once they are open choose the one you wish to use in PS or PSE. Select the light and drag it over to the photo you are working on and set the blending mode to  "Screen". Do not change the leaf overlays or digital backgrounds. They should remain in "Normal Mode".

Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?

Yes periodically we offer coupon codes. To ensure you are getting the codes when they are released you should become a fan on Facebook or make sure you are subscribed to the email list. 

Do you offer support on the action set?

Yes. We offer limited support. We want you to have a great experience with the actions and presets we sell. Unfortunately, our support only goes to our products. We will make sure the actions sold are in good working order or we will replace the set. If they are tested on a platform ie. and function properly for us then we advise that you turn off PS and restart your computer and then reinstall the actions.

Will your actions work on older versions of PS and or PSE?

Our actions have been tested on PSE 11-14 only. Some actions may not work with older versions. They do work with CS2-CS6 & CC for PS. (Some actions require filters only present in CS6 - CC)

Why do you sell actions and teach PS & LR?

We sell actions to people who want to maximize their time and workflow. Education classes cover a wide range of tips, rules, filters, plugins, digital art and creating your own style. Choosing which is right for you is based on your own preference.

How do I install PS/PSE actions?

Installation is very simple. We have links on both action pages to explain installation.

PS http://www.kccactions.com/installpsactions PSE: http://www.kccactions.com/installpseactions

What makes your actions different than the others I have bought?

The actions we sell were made to generate quick workflow, with great results. Most of the actions sold are considered paint in and adjust. Paint in actions takes a lot of the guessing out on the user side. You paint where you want the action, and play with sliders to fit your photo.

What happens if I loose my set and need to reinstall?

We provide a link that last for 24 hours. We advise that you store the actions somewhere safe i.e burn them on a disk or create a back up copy on a external hard drive. Please visit http://www.kccactions.com/links for have links refreshed.

Will these actions really transform my work?

The short answer is yes. Getting used to them has been considered very easy by many; it may take some people time to develop a style within the set. Practice will make your experience much more pleasant.

Is it okay to share these actions with a friend?

No. It is illegal to share digital media based on the agreement that you make with KCC Actions. The actions that are purchased are for your use only. They can be used for business or personal use but sharing is strictly prohibited and governed by the DMCA.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is basically a meeting on the Web. While there are different types of webinars ours is remote software that allows you to watch us edit, ask questions and take notes as you would in a meeting.

Am I allowed to record the Webinar?

We do not allow recording in our webinars. We ask that you respect the terms of service.

What can I expect from the Webinar?

You can expect to get an (over) abundance of information, tips, tricks and principles for PS & LR. Each class is customized to what you want to learn, with a mix of things you need to know. We will teach you faster workflow and creating a style that you like with variations.

Do you offer a refund if I don't like the action?

No. Digital media is impossible to return because of the nature of the material delivered. It is uncommon for any digital maker to allow returns.

How long does it take to return my email?

Typically all email inquiries are answered within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within 48 hours it is possible that message did not go through properly. Please try again.