Photoshop & Lightroom Education (2 Hours)

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Photoshop & Lightroom Education (2 Hours)


One on One Photoshop and Lightroom training on line

In this course you will learn workflow, Beauty Retouching, color correction and how to quickly edit photos with out the use of actions.

People spend years trying to figure out what others already know. I did it myself. I tried using actions and presets and could never achieve a quality look that great photographers had. I was using improper techniques that often hurt the image rather than enhance it. I read books, and watched videos over and over! I spent countless hours searching for ways to do things to make my photos pop in different styles. I suffered from inconsistency because I was persuaded by others and never learned how to do things the right way, and the most efficient way.

This course will teach you not only basics of editing photos, but it will show you how to get that desired look that you want! Without spending hours on a photo. No it's not magic! It's tools that you look at every single day and don't know how to properly utilize.

The class is one on one basis, and includes 1 hour of hard core training. You will learn how to turn your photos into a stunning work of art in just minutes. You will also learn to batch photos, set colors properly and get great skin and skin tones!


In the Course

Understanding Curves and Levels

Using Photoshop filters


Color Corrections

Skin work

Gradient and blending modes

Adding DOF to your photos

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